Hong Kong bites: Amuse Bouche

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This month was a treat, we had two date nights: The Drawing Room was so-so, but we were so pleased by our visit to Amuse Bouche last week. Great ambience, service and really well-executed food.

Ironically, our amuse bouche wasn’t very exciting, a pork confit of sorts, but our starters and mains were excellent.

Simple pasta with truffles for chef, and I was boring, going with a lobster bisque. I was really eyeing the quail’s egg and foie gras on the menu, but with my soaring levels of cholestrol, I really had to exercise self control. Yea, pretty much the only exercise I’ve done these months! Everything was simple, luxurious and oh so tasty.

We shared a whole chicken from Landes, when you think you’re done after polishing up the breast portion, the thigh is served. Sooooo good.

amuse bouche hong kong

roast chicken amuse bouche hong kong

I highly recommend this restaurant. We’re definitely coming back! Sorry the photo quality is so poor and limited.

Very brief entry as have little energies left. I’m so thankful for so many gourmet meals this year which really helped to make up for the intense challenges and insane workload. I am thankful for 2011 and chef who takes me on many gourmet dates :).

22/F, The Hennessy, (beside a caltex petrol station)
256 Hennessy Rd,
Wan Chai
Tel: 2891 3666


  1. MissNormality
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 02:21:28

    The food here looks positively divine! It’s definitely on my list of restaurants to try in 2012. Well posted you self-control exercising extraordinaire you. xx


  2. baobabs
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 06:34:16

    definitely SHA, great place, great ambience and amazing food! very unpretentious and friendly. this jabba went for a run tonight. haha some exercise.


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