Singapore bites: Old Punggol Seafood

This is a new restaurant in Simpang Bedok and currently my parents’ favourite. It’s a little pricier than the neighbouring stalls but they do fantastic food and their ingredients are fresh—even picky eater chef approved of their standards of seafood. Prawns especially sweet and crunchy, none of that stale frozen ones we often get at restaurants these days.

My parents said that they’ve relocated from Punggol where they had a popular eatery Punggol Choon Seng and aren’t as busy as they should be, largely because of their higher price point.

It’s clean, cosy and has air conditioning. :) I ate here twice with my parents while home in Singapore. We ordered the tofu dish twice, it’s served with minced pork drizzled with a soy based sauce. The crisp skin is coated with egg and deep fried before bathed in gravy.

old pungol seafood tofu


old punggol seafood taro

Deep fried taro bowl with mixed vegetables. This is my mother’s favourite dish, also known as Buddha’s bowl which I blogged about earlier about my dad’s 70th birthday. They do it well here, crispy flakey bits of flour on the outside and tasty taro nestled inside, filled with plenty of vegetable and prawns. While this dish has been altered to include prawns, my mother explains the vegetarian version consists of five colours of vegetable like celery (green), gingo nuts (yellow), capsicum (red), mushroom (black), wai shan (white root veg)–these are the universal colours for health. I imagine abit like the colours of our chakra relating it back to my yoga classes.

old punggol seafood pumpkin prawns
Delish fresh prawns deep fried in batter and served with pumpkin dressing. If you like wasabi mayo prawns, this version is reminiscent of that, actually, it’s better.

The otak otak came with cooked egg at the base. Weird combination and I would not recommend ordering this. The otak otaks I know come wrapped in banana leaves and arrive fragrantly charred over the grill.
old pungol seafood otak

One thing I haven’t tried but saw on the other tables was the crab, salted egg yolk crab and black pepper crayfish. The mee goreng is also pretty good. Portions are generous and they use good, fresh produce. I highly recommend making a trip out to Simpang Bedok for this.

Old Punggol End Seafood
288 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex
(Simpang Bedok), Singapore
Tel: +65 6242 7088

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