In The Midst of Moving-Back Soon!

Sorry, it’s been short and hardly insightful food blog posts of late as I haven’t actually had time to sit down or digest what I’ve been doing or eating. There’s been many exploring adventures, still lots of eating and just not enough time to sleep.

macau walks

I’m in the middle of a big move, cat included and going through the usual nightmare of getting paperwork sorted for both me and cat, packing, as well as madly trying to sell furniture (if you’re interested please drop me a line!), sorting out things to donate and trying to make the most out of my last few weeks living in Hong Kong, on top of the weekend commutes to Macau at rush hour and being ill with a hacking cough that hurts my rib cage- all this on top of the full time job and trying to get a startup off the ground. Accountancy, taxes, business speak and all that gobbly gook.

All this shall pass and I’ll soon be living at a much slower pace, get at least 8 hours sleep, exercise often, learn to cook better as I ascend the housewife throne, not in the typical femme au foyer way because housework is really not my forte.

New adventures! And definitely more food writing since I’ll be free from corporate obligations and will be able to write for publications again!

The last week has been wonderful-snapshots of local Macau weekend explorations with fellow foodie H, eating the best local coconut milk ice cream, Sunday date with chef over  frog legs at Robuchon au Dome, the famous shrimproe bamboo noodles in both Hong Kong and Macau and beautiful Wagyu mini burgers at the Ritz Hong Kong.

Photos and more blog posts all coming soon! So, after Treviso-Beijing-Hong Kong, Macau is going to be Smudge and my new home, only that with a partnership things will be much easier than doing everything alone, all over.



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