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I’m still here and still eating lots of delicious things, but I have been on the move so much of late, I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write a nice long post. Updates to come soon, meanwhile, the last few days was spent in Toronto. I didn’t make it to New York this time, and flew directly home. Leaving for Shanghai on Saturday morning.

Checked out Momofuku and Café Boulud in Toronto – both lovely new openings and went out to Canadian vineyards for tastings (and buying). So impressed that there are so many interesting wines they don’t export. So, it’s not really just about Ice Wines and Maple syrup in Canada, they just don’t export the other great stuff!

momofuku toronto

Had dinner at Café Boulud – that makes 3 of his outfits I’ve been to and am still looking forward to try his eponymous 3* restaurant in New York. Then there was momofuku new to the Toronto dining scene, I love lucky peach magazine and have read countless food blogs on Chang’s food, but I didn’t understand the menu so I couldn’t appreciate it – it was so fusion, it confused more than surprise.

The best meal I had in Canada was in Vineland, by the vineyard. The menu was short and modest, but simple and amazing.

Some of the best mussels I’ve had, the East Coast Mussles and a braised pork belly dish.

vineland toronto canada mussels

vineland toronto pork belly

korean Toronto

And my awesome friends A & Mtook me to Korean town as well as Fabarnak.

and yum sugar pancakes as well as walnut cakes!
toronto K town

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