Thank You 2012, Hello 2013!

2013 NYE

It’s been a very exciting, challenging and amazing 2012. I got through it with many highs and equal number of very lows, but am so glad I’ve made it to the finishing line – and the world didn’t end.

There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for and how blessed my life has been. I’m so glad I took the leap, quit my life as I knew it and jumped into the wonderful world of adventures and insecurity.

This year has been one of big change – I left behind my entire self identity, by leaving my full-time job with great career prospects in Hong Kong even if the learning curve a little stagnant, didn’t know what was next, moved to Macau (cat relocation woes included and the only constant in my new life full of big variables), moved in with the love of my life for the first time. I registered a company, am learning about numbers and still stumbling through admin and book keeping daily.

It’s been difficult to say the least, when the other half has a two and a half year head start to life in this new place and his friends by default have become mine. It’s been the toughest move in the last 8 years, having relocated 4 times in different countries and continents before.

2012 has been so generous and kind with us, Summer on the French Riveria, seeing the world’s most beautiful chateaux in the most castle populated Loire valley by mini plane piloted by our good friend, Michelin star restaurants summer dining, fresh garden produce and the best salads. Landing my first client and a full year’s retainer before I could even start worrying, and quite a few other potential jobs pouring in. Chef’s first and so well-deserved Michelin star, and our new home and new life together!

Thank you 2012, you’ve been very generous and kind with us, in lessons, gifts and happiness. I’m excited to experience all 2013 will bring and the lessons that will make us even better, stronger people.

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