Eating Out: La Maison Tourangelle, Loire Valley

la maison de la tourangelle

La Maison Tourangelle is a cute little secluded place is just by River Cher in the Loire Valley, along a little street, somewhere I’d imagine only the locals and Michelin forchette and stars hunting gourmands would find.  “Tourangelle” is the feminine noun for a person who comes from the region of Tours in France.

maison de la tourangelle_Snapseed

This old Maison had a fair bit of history itself. Formerly known as Maison L’if, the last owner Jeanne Boisvinet died in 1870 and left it to the town of Savonnières and at one point was a catholic school run by nuns, the building was left abandoned for sometime in the 18th century before two home owners bought it and made it into a restaurant and hotel.

My soon-to-be in laws took us here since discovering the place quite recently.

There are two menus here to choose from “La Saison” (The Season. Option of 4 or 5 courses) and then there is “La Vigne” (The Vine and most of their beautiful plate and cutleries from Guy Degrene (yes! I’ve become one of those odd people looking under plates and examining cutleries, glasses and what not).

I don’t usually drink sparkling wines in place of champagne – except when I lived in Treviso, the land of Prosecco when they came good and cheap to a student – but the Vouvray Pétillant is really nice and enjoyable, especially in the Summer.

The food here is simple and fresh – nothing pretentious nor ground breakingly creative. Fresh flavours, perfectly cooked mains (except for our overcooked eggs with truffles!) and a style and technique that lets the incredible local products speak for themselves, without any fancy dress.

Simple amuse bouche to start

amuse bouche

Our overcooked eggs with truffles

truffle eggs_Snapseed

A Sander fish I haven’t had before, native to this region – cooked just right served with a citrus butter sauce.


Desserts were lovely – there were nice variations of chocolate and fresh fruity options. The chocolate dessert I went for was decadent, rich and perfect before hitting the pillows from jetlag.

La Maison Tourangelle

9 route des Grottes Pétrifiantes
37 510 Savonnières

Tél : +33(0)2 47 50 30 05

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