Insider’s Guide: Discover the Hidden Gems of Loire Valley- Castles, Food, and Shopping Delights!


Over the last decade, I’ve been to the Loire Valley many times now on our bi-annual trips home as the husband is a Tourangeau. Here’s the low-down for Prestige Singapore.

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Magical loire valley

The Loire Valley is home to the highest concentration of castles in France, a region where former kings would go hunting and spend their leisure time relaxing in nature. There are over 20 castles scattered over the Loire and many fairy tale stories were inspired by famous castles in the area, including sleeping beauty (Chateau Ussé) and Rapunzel (Chateau du Rivau).

Loire Castle park for children

This wonderful park is filled with detailed miniature versions of famous castles of the region and an excellent excursion for young children (and adults too!).

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You can download the pdf here to read the piece.

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