Eating Out: A Fuego Negro, San Sebastian Spain

san sebastian pintxos

We drove down from France’s Basque region in search of Spanish Basque food and unfortunately only had two meals to fulfill our eating adventures. Dinner was reserved for San Sebastian’s 3 Michelin Starred Akélare and we had pintxos (or what I like to call tapas that is not correct Basque terminology – but you know same same but different).

Beautiful wooden menus cover to cover.

pintxos menupintxos menu back

a feugo nero spain pintxos
Look at the beautiful typography on the Jamon wrap!

a feugo nero san sebastian

propaganda a feugo nero sansebastian

A Feugo Negro was lovely, we loved everything from the décor, a hip design, music oriented theme going on, propaganda posters and also your paper table mats are vinyls! There’s a glass cupboard full of Michelin guides all the way from the the first edition in 1910 (Spain and Portugal) just before the first world war broke out.


a feugo nero octopus salad

basque fried chicken san sebastian

We had too much to eat, everything packed full of fresh and rich flavours (purple potato squid salad, the Basque rendition of KFC, served together with a 3 soundtrack CD and a Basque rendition of good ol’ colonel Sanders, plenty of Jamon (why of course!) – the only thing we didn’t enjoy and primarily understand is do they always overcook tuna till it’s flakey and dry, so much so it’s good enough to floss your teeth, which made me wonder if it was worth the calories, but maybe yes the omega 3 at least. We had the same experience with the driest flakiest tuna at two other places in Basque country France, so maybe it’s the way they serve it dans la region.

We loved this place, it is everything your favourite pub/cafe/bistro should be: busy, cosy and buzzing with happy chatty people and the waitstaff speak good English and French and are ever ready to help.

a feugo nero spain bill
Adding to the quirky theme that runs through it’s branding, you get your bill in an old cassette tape. Nostalgia. Our bill for two with drinks came up to 40+€, super reasonable and we’re definitely coming back.

Calle 31 de Agosto, 31, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain
Tel: +34 650 13 53 73
Friday hours 1:30 pm–3:30 pm, 8:00 pm–10:30 pm

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