MOCA Shanghai: Yayoi Kusama Solo Show


Great solo show of Yayoi Kusama’s “polka dot” A dream I dreamed. I wish it was  a little better organised as there were long winding queues to enter the “Infinity mirrored room – gleaming lights of the souls” which I call the intergalactic trip room. It’s also a super limited time, you’re herded in 5 at a time and before you can soak up the ambience and atmosphere, you’re rushed and herded out for the next batch of visitors.

yayoi kusama

It was very hurried for an art experience and a shame. Her usual commercial works also took centre place – the same large scale polka dotted flowers and dogs you see at Art Basel / Art HK every year as centre pieces. There’s also an interactive room where everyone is given colourful circle stickers to decorate a room of white walls – not sure how effective the idea came across as it was so controlled rather than organic.


Last day to see Kusama’s solo show. March 30, 2014!

More photos here.

MOCA Shanghai is one of my favourite contemporary art museum in Shanghai. I haven’t been out to Mogenshan Lu for a few years now given how it’s gentrified like Beijing’s 798.

People’s Park,

231 Nanjing West Road,

Shanghai, 200003, China

Read more about artist Yayoi Kusama .

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