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la mamounia marrakech morocco

In a recent article published, Marrakech sits on #6 of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 most popular destinations in the world. Chef loves the place so much having worked and lived there, we were even contemplating buying a dream home in there, but alas there are other priorities and bigger (real) dreams to chase.

la mamounia architecture

We rented a car and went to all the “local” and familiar places, hung out with long time French expats and of course visited the “must see” spots which are expat hangouts by default. So La Mamounia, the grande dame of Marrakech filled with both arabic magic and the sweet nostalgia of French colonial rule. Glorious colourful tiles, and beautiful bright lanterns – the kind of thing my summer dream home would be made of. Large tranquill outdoor pool by the gardens a stone’s throw from the colonial outdoor terrace perfect for afternoon apertif.

la mamounia pool

At the back of this glorious grand hotel is a garden filled with their own herbs growing in the backyard – any chef’s dream.

la mamounia jardin
gardens marrakech la mamounia
la mamounia place delices

And I’ve started taking more obligatory tourist shots of myself in photos – something I haven’t done ever in all my travels.

So, anyhow some awkwardness which reminds me of those old 1980s weird pose photos we used to take as kids.

la mamounia marrakech

And to demonstrate how big these lamps are. Everyone should have them in their gardens and yard!

self la mamounia

Arset El Maach, Marrakesh, Morocco

Tel: +212 5243-88600

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