Eating Out: The Principal Hong Kong

slow cooked egg with iberico the principle hk

This is a long overdue post on a meal we had at The Principal Hong Kong. I’m  a little tired and very jetlagged, so I can’t remember the vivid details of our dinner here, but it was simple and creative, full of flavours and textures that surprised.  The menu is fun and it seems, updated regularly, I’m definitely going back.

Most of the dishes here  at the  1* Michelin Nouvelle cuisine restaurant helmed by chef Jonay  Armas is an intoxicating mix of ingredients that one doesn’t normally think would go together – but sheds light on his background growing up in the Canary Islands and spending time cooking in bali and New Dehli.

The menu still looks modern European with delightful touches that hint of Asia.

They’ve updated the new tasting menu (we opted for the 5 course not the 7 which was really filling), you can however have a look at their menus online here.

And here is all the deliciousness from “Snacks” to start off with lovely peanut butter, campri balls (reminds me of El Celler di can Roca). An amazing chawamushi uni, crispy suckling pig, and all the desserts were interesting and amazing.

campari amuse bouche
chawamushi uni
peanutbutter the principle hong kong
prawn and rice crispies
suckling pig hk
the principle hk suckling pig
chocolate praline the principle hk

9 Star Street

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2563 3444


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