London: Chowzters Global Fast Feasts!


Back from a whirlwind gourmet trip to London, meeting with global foodies from all around the world and picked up the world’s “Tastiest Bird” Award for Yat Lok Roast Goose in Hong Kong for the Global Fast Feasts awards!

Fellow amazing bloggers have been so quick and efficient to chronicle the gourmet weekend and kudos to Simon Food Favourites that pulled together the video edits so quickly and so well!

Read about the Chowzter event on Joe from Queen’s blog Chopsticks + Marrow and Emily on Bristol Bites and more posts coming soon! A little on our Broadway Market binge by lovely bloggers from Beirut @ No Garlic No Onions.

I’m barely over jetlag and back in Singapore this week and trying to catch up with the amazing conversations, meals and backlog of emails and drafted posts!


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