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Yat Lok Hong Kong

Roast goose is one of the pièce de resistance of Hong Kong BBQ meats and Yat Lok does an excellent job with the fowl.

In April, I was invited to London flagging the gastro flag for Hong Kong and Macau to join Chowtzer’s global network of food writers and bloggers and unexpectedly picked up the World’s Best Bird Award for Yat Lok – there were many fast feast contenders and I’m thrilled that the hole in the wall diner got the credit it deserves, as it lives in the shadow of the posh PR machine Yung Kee – whose goose by the way is awfully greasy and not half as flavourful, with a high price tag to match. so definitely not worth your time if you are hitting up Hong Kong with limited meals to spare. The only thing I like here is the Century eggs – but even then they buy it from the old lady in Sheung Wan, so it’s not made by them.

You can have a look at the photos to compare both roast goose and there’s a clear winner.

.Yat Lok Hong Kong

I run lots of workshops and talk about social media, but it’s difficult to qualify ROI when it comes to a platform and medium that’s largely free, with the exception of sponsorships in the arena of hotels and flights. This 3 generational hole in the wall shop thanked me profusely for nominating them and blogging about them as well as writing about them in the UK Sunday Times.

The interest in their goose grew and their profits more than tripled just thanks to the coverage.

Yat Lok roast goose

I like ordering the goose both ways, in rice noodles soup and also with a side of BBQ roast pork, the goose is served with a delicious plum sauce. Vacuum packed gooses to go cost 375HKD if I recall right, so you can bring them on board the plane.

Yat Lok

G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central. Hong Kong

Read more on the awards here covered by Business Insider and The Guardian.

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