Wedding Photography: Chateau Villandry

My mother in law gifted us a wedding photography shoot for our wedding. We are possibly the shyest photography couple as neither of us like having our photos taken and we only ever do it in a work capacity because it’s good PR from a work point of view and necessary to get ahead.

Alas, with a wedding, it gets insane with all eyes on the couple – truth be told, we are awfully shy and we didn’t like basking in all that mad attention! We even sliced the typical Hong Kong photography package of having engagement photos done – who needs that?! Well apparently everyone does and we are thankful for being forced to get them done – adding more portraits to our stark walls!

My mother in law’s wedding present to us was a photoshoot in Chateau Villandry, chef’s hometown in the Loire Valley, a short bicycle ride from his house. And we couldn’t have done it with a more spontaneous and fun photographer Alison Bounce – creative, real, spontaneous and super efficient! We got all 227 photos fully edited the very next day. She worked all night and on her train ride home. We still haven’t received our wedding photos in Hong Kong from 8 weeks ago.. and really looking forward to those as I’ve worked with the young team of photographers many times before and they do great work!

So here’s a sneak peek – Not quite House of Dancing Water Show spectacle – but we try. :)

Promised le husband no revelation of facial features… hence this little selection. Was a whole lot of fun, enjoy!

wedding photography france

My champagne gown and puffy white dress was designed by our gorgeous talented friend Caroline @ Mushi based in Beijing. While I didn’t get to see the dress before it came to me via DHL from Beijing, it was exactly what I wanted from our discussions we had when I was last in Beijing. While my girlfriends were freaking out on my behalf weeks before the wedding as I didn’t know how my dress would look, I was happy to let my friend Caroline work her magic.

While I wasn’t a bridezilla, all I really wanted was to keep everything simple and the costs low since the full budget went into food and drinks, I did spend significant time being inspired by Pinterest boards. For brides to be, hope you find this useful: Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Hair dos, Wedding Florals and finally Wedding Photography.

More coming up on my next post on all the DIY and glitter fun projects we did to prep for the wedding when I receive my Hong Kong photographers photos.

wedding photography France
wedding shoot loire valley copie

As for shooting in the chateau or on the gardens of the chateau, you have to apply for a permit in advance and entry fee into the garden was 3€. Highly recommend getting tickets to go in for a visit as well – it’s magical like all castles are.

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