Macau: Utopia Flamenco Dance

flemenco dance macau

If you’re tired of the lack of information and finding out about amazing performances and activities by the time it’s over, welcome to the club! Anyhow, this fab Utopia Flamenco dance performance is coming to us in December 2014 and if you have a Bank of China card, you even get 10% off, and it’s a real steal!

“Spanish top choreographer and dancer Maria Pagés created “Utopia”, a beautiful, intense piece that summons the words of writers like Baudelaire, Benedetti and Saramago.”


I don’t know what MGTO is up to, I’m ringing the office often and asking about activities that never gets communicated or word gets out when it’s over. Then they tell me to write in to give feedback and suggestions by post… does it get read, God knows.

Journalists on their paid for press trips contact me via twitter for information about Macau. I completely understand that it’s hard to write about Macau beyond casinos when the information and investment that goes into so many amazing activities never get communicated. And it makes me so mad and frustrated at the missed opportunities given the huge investments that’s put into bringing these amazing acts here – not to mention it doesn’t do justice to these amazing artistes playing to empty houses or people snoring at front row seats, or leaving in the middle of the show. Enough on my rant, you can read about my Macao arts festival experience here. Asking them to re-run a heritage movie walk is like pulling teeth, and still no success at it.

Most recently I was at a wonderful film screening – Festival Premiers Plan d’Angers – all free. The auditorium had a total of 5 people. Why? Because no one knew about it. In my attempt to help support the arts and culture scene, I’m going to start the uphill task of attempting to act as ‘listings portal’ so that people don’t miss out on the coolest things. And trees don’t die for nothing with the printed collaterals going into the bin because God knows where they are even distributed.

I tirelessly trawl the internet for interesting things and still am bummed to have missed this amazing installation by design students in Macau by Sai Van lake earlier this year.


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