Eating out: Migas Beijing Tapas Haven

beijing migas tapas squid

The last time I ate tapas at Migas Beijing was when the restaurant first opened during the winter when I was still living there. Chef Aitor is doing amazing things here, working with lots of local produce and we got to taste what he was experimenting with. Good news is he’s also coming to Macau sometime next year to do a promotion.

While a couple of things on the menu are imported, I love the fact that this restaurant is working hard with local produce and going the slow food way and teaching farmers how to nurture the quality of lifestock and produce they work with.

As usual, friends with the husband,we got special dishes and extra bits here and there. The grilled squid above was perfectly cooked, served with crispy pork and jamon. It was live before it went on the grill and chef Aitor works with a local fisherman guy who goes out on the boats before dawn and brings in the daily catches.

migas beijing starters

Beautifully marbled Chinese beef – a little too fatty, but really good stuff from the Chinese farm served with potato strings.

migas beijing beef

An amazing mushrooms and artichoke paella – so full of flavours.

migas beijing risotto

My other two favourites were the mushroom cheese croquettes and the sea cucumber calamari – definitely order these when you’re here! The sea cucumber was a really nice touch as the only way I eat them is when they are braised for hours with pork and literally melt in your mouth when you eat it over a steaming bowl of white rice. The consistency and texture in this batter is slightly more chewy with squid, but there’s the extra springy bit that makes it interesting.

migas beijing croquettes
sea cucumber calamari migas beijing

Beautifully presented delightful little bits by one of the chefs who just came up tops in a recent tapas competition.

migas beijing tapas

The restaurant looks exactly the same as when they open and I hear the terrace is packed during the summer and it’s where the cool kids all hang out.

beijing migas
Sanlitun Nali Patio, 6/F
China, Beijing, Chaoyang,

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