Life in Macau

life in macao

You’ve probably seen enough of glitzy casinos, artistic black and white postcard worthy photography of old streets and old people or sponsored posts in International papers by the tourism board, but here’s my slice of living in Macao for over two years now. What normal people do and see while getting on the bus, shopping at the wet marketing, going to pay bills and beautiful moments in every day. Here’s a slice of life in Macau living here.

I’m a member of the International Ladies Club of Macao which is a great network of resourceful women who are always ready to help a comrade out whether it’s a pediatrician recommendation or a number for a reliable plumber. I don’t spend enough time with the group here and because of the advantage of reading Chinese and speaking Cantonese, I’m often out on my own wandering around and getting knee deep with a slice of very local life and getting lost in the little old alleys.

I have come to learn and accept that Macau isn’t Hong Kong or Beijing where I used to live and absolutely loved, but Macau has lots of little gems and secrets to offer, which I’m still getting to know every day.

I love the glitzy casinos and their fine dining establishments as much as I love the local multi generational hole in the wall diners.

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