Hello 2015!


Another year and a clean slate for new adventures. 2014 brought many good things as well as many difficult lessons to learn. I’m looking forward to doing better and more self improvement in 2015. It’s been a rough ride for some of my closest and dearest in the health department and I’m looking forward to spending more time and sharing more laughs and happiness… As for global stories we are fed in the news, I hope 2015 brings more sunshine and good things to everyone the year of the Goat.

Well, this year I took some time off work to re-calibrate, sort out my book keeping this December and did a ton of classes – having the luxury of time to catch up and educate myself which in normal day to day work life is impossible.

If you’re looking at resources, Skillshare, Creativelive, Coursera all offer creative/business courses, a mix bag of free and paid classes. It’s hard to join those free classes on Creativelive because of timezone differences, it runs on US times and those live streaming classes tend to take place in the wee hours Asia time.

And I’m late in the game, but only just recently discovered Marie Forleo and Ramit Sethi (taking one of his classes on Creativelive) that cuts through the clutter, there’s plenty we already know, but it brings to point lots of things we know but don’t put in practice.

I’ve stopped making New Year resolutions for a while now because they don’t really work. I’m currently reading The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte and found that very useful streamlining goals – or rather how you’d like to feel, rather than concrete goals, while working on how to silence the “never good enough” self critic.

Well, have an amazing 2015 everyone!

I’ll leave you with this quote:




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