Life In Macau

life in macau

I’ve had the luxury of no work travel over January but all that begins again this month and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down since I’ve travels locked in till April. Still, I’m determined to keep this up. Moving here was tough and it took me a good two years to find my groove, partly also because we don’t yet have kids and everyone is consecutively popping their next (there really isn’t much to do here) and work travels take me out of the country often.

Travel slowed down over December and January and I really got the opportunity to know Macau much better, without fleeting moments of always being in a rush, getting somewhere and getting something done.

I say it often, but this sleepy charming town reminds me of what I imagined Singapore would have been in the 1950s and 1960s, the belle epoche my parents grew up in wearing bell bottoms jeans, platform shoes, statement accessories and everything is old, has meaning and a story. Days when people made things by hand and every piece of item lovingly made and last for decades and centuries. These days we’re so caught up with cheap mass produced products – especially food. Why get a bottle of coconut water or coconut milk when I can get it a la minute fresh from the source? Or buying packaged noodles when I can get them fresh and packed in brown paper that needs to be consumed within a week.  Here’s more snippets of casino city from a local perspective! Featuring Guan Yim, the Goddess of Mercy and one of the few statues made that face in land instead of towards the sea.

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