Chinese New Year 2015



Time flies by as you get older and it’s another year of feasting and cooking and eating. I’m heading home at the tail end of Chinese New Year and should probably be going home more often and helping my mum prepare for this and revelling in family recipes.

I was never a red or pinkish type of person, but it seems that as I get older, I am taking on traits of my dear Mother.

juliana loh

It’s looking to be an awesome year, my orchids are nearly in full bloom all ready for the festive days ahead and well, the flat has been peppered with so many pink and red things, it feels auspicious already. If you’re looking to cook something traditional – here’s a recipe for a simple gluten free radish cake “Lou Bak Gou” that my mother makes every Chinese New Year. The homophone “Gou” sounds the same as high in Mandarin and Cantonese 高。 And one of the greetings that adults bestow on kids is to rise and soar towards successes with every step. In Mandarin we say bu(4) bu(4) gao(1) sheng(1) or in Cantonese bo bo gou xing  步步高升.


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Here’s a brilliant CNY campaign for Lo Hei that has definitely done very well viral as I’ve received it from friends in UK, US and all over! (mobile)


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