Eating out: Communal Table Macau

IMG_0023_2 IMG_0036_2  For the SCMP’s 48h Macau issue, eat under 100HKD.

Communal Table opened a year ago serving a simple and wholesome menu of pizzas, sandwiches and baked potatoes alongside specialty brews and cakes. Their philosophy says it all “The idea of Communal Table is simple: a table large enough to share your thoughts, ideas and happiness over coffee and food with friends and strangers. This idea influences our store design and the way we make our coffee and food. We believe good coffee and food taste even better when shared with friends over good conversation.” Here, the interiors are simple industrial chic, solid cement floors, large wooden communal tables and all the coffee brewing apparatus in all forms – food and drinks served on beautiful wooden trays. Service is friendly run by a young team of trendy locals.


Lunch sets of a 12” pizza and soup of the day begin at (88MOP/set), while sandwiches and baked potatoes begin at (48MOP) and (62MOP) respectively. We opted for the roasted beef, mozzarella cheese, honey mustard and lettuce croissant sandwich (54MOP) you have a choice of breads, but we recommend the freshly baked butter croissants. This is served with a bed of salad in a basket lightly dressed and topped with Parmesan cheese. There are vegetarian options for both and we had a baked potato dressed in mozzarella, Grana Padano, brie and sun dried tomatoes, sweet corn, pesto and balsamico served alongside a lettuce, cucumber salad (62MOP). They make their own dough for the pizzas, and the wait was about 15 minutes. Our 12” Communal table pizza – their best seller— topped with tomato sauce, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and sliced Italian Parma ham was part of the (98MOP/set) that includes a soup of the day. If you order à la arte, the 12” Communal Table pizzas are 88MOP. The coffees are what many come for, but they have a menu of non-caffeinated drinks. We recommend their fresh sparkling lemonade with whole lemons 40MOP – a welcome refreshment in the stifling summer heat. Finish your meal with a choice of Earl Grey chiffon cake (38MOP) or Uji Matcha chiffon (42MOP). Otherwise, this spot serves as a great pit stop for tea time and we finished with their new Ice Double Origins Mocha (64MOP) served with Original Beans chocolate, half the bar melted into your coffee and the other half served alongside your coffee.


Communal table

29C Rua Formosa, Macao

Tel: +853 6677 9785

Open: 11am-9pm Everyday, except Public Holidays

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