Chicken Scrawlings: Food, Fun & Life!

Hello! Sorry for the over a month silence, Chicken Scrawlings still has bugs to fix and I am trying to hold my excitement for the launch! AND HERE WE ARE! Food, Fun, Family & Life!


Lots have been happening, and still happening and I can’t wait to tell you all about it on the new blog Chicken Scrawlings. I don’t have exact launch details yet but hopefully soon and not long more.

Here’s tid bits of what’s been going on:

If you’re planning a weekend in Macau, here are some pieces I wrote for the SCMP 48H, plenty of ideas on how to make the best of your Macau from eating to shopping.

And then we’ve just been back from yet another amazing summer in France  – this time we covered Reims and the champagne region, visiting various champagne houses and also made a trip down to Burgundy and visited Edmond Fallot, one of the few remaining artisanal moutarderie right in the heart of Dijon where we all associated with Dijon mustard. We celebrated our first anniversary – yes time does fly! Here’s revisting an old post on getting married and the prep. Lots more to update on the Michelin stars road trip ( including 2*Les Crayères, 3*L’assiette Champenoise, 1* La Charme, 2* Chapeau Rouge, 2* Akrame)  we took and the 6kg I piled on in two weeks. Fresh garden produce from my in-laws gardens and France’s best croissants. Gluten free in Paris? Look no further than Royal Monceau Paris – by Pierre Hérme no less!

And most recently I was back in Singapore. It’s always a fine line between personal commitments and trying to balance a 12 hour work day on top of it. That’s done and glad to report that my dad is on the mend and taking well to therapy. As usual, I didn’t get to see all my friends or eat everything on the usual checklist, but some deliciousness local flavours better than none! Friends S&D hosted an evening of homecooked local treats at their new flat in Yishun that featured petai beans, beef rendang and kueh pie tee – all of my favourite things.


And of course, my mother and her double boiled soups, amazing braised pork belly buns (I gobbled them so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take photos of them with greasy hands!) and simple mee sua (rice flour vermicelli) for breakfast daily. The fluffy chickens featured are my dad’s pride and joy kept as pets not food and the hens lay eggs everyday  – nothing like the real taste of eggs from happy free roaming chickens!

Apart from this, the new Chicken Scrawlings blog will also have a Chinese edition and I am working hard on this to bring more colourful and hopefully entertaining stories. :)

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