Macau: Top 8 Things to do Living Here


Well, apart from all the amazing local food options as well as Michelin starred fine dining, what else is there to do in Macau? There are 10 cultural things to do I’ve listed, but here’s my favourite 8 things to do on a weekly basis living here in Macau. Unlike big exciting cities like London, Paris or New York, we’re often pulling our hair out trying to dream up fun ideas to do as a couple living here.

These are some of my favourite activities and I am constantly discovering new coffee places, ice cream shops and little boutiques in little alley ways and streets.


Expat life here in Macau is a little different from anywhere I’ve lived where information is barely available and everyday is a bit of a lottery to discover new things on walks around the city. I also prefer to take the bus and get lost because driving and parking on Macau side is daunting for me and taxis take away the adventure of getting lost by foot by bringing me direct to intended destination – but let’s face it, slim pickings in Macau, there aren’t that many ideas for new destinations, and important to keep discovering more!

1.It’s summer so beat the beat with some fresh Coconut Ice Cream and coconut water

2. Go to the new Galaxy Phase two skywave deck pools. Weekday group rates 1500MOP for 6 persons and double the price at 3000MOP for 6 persons on weekends.

3. Aperatif at Sky 21 bar, they also do a pretty decent lunch buffet here (250+MOP/person if I remember correctly). Alternatively in Taipa, go to Casa de Tapas for some lovely views of Taipa village with a sleepy European vibe, great area for street photography too at magic hour from 5pm where the lighting is excellent and it makes for a great photoshoot location.

4. Local design stores sprinkled all over always with new openings every couple of months. My fav places to shop here. Just across En masse, there’s a new homemade ice cream store called Vanille which I discovered over the weekend. If you’re thirsty and dying for a fresh homemade lemonade or specialty coffee, go to Commune Table.

5. My favourite part of the LVMH CSR programme, they have the LV art Gallery, often featuring big name artists and provocative works. Don’t be deterred by the queues of shoppers lining up to get in. Try asking politely to enter for the gallery.

6. Go Karting. This is my husband’s favourite past time on his day off. They have go karts for doubles too – so a fun idea for a double date if you like!

7. Shopping for vintage goods at the adhoc flea markets. I go mainly for fire cracker labels and bowls and spoons for food styling fun, however those are really a nightmare to pack when moving apartments!

macau life

(bicycle wrapper from a little store in Berlin in Kreuzberg)

8. Clube Militar has concert nights the last Friday of every month – check in advance. You can also stay for dinner even if you’re not a member, you just pay different prices. Don’t forget to ring in advance to make reservations.


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