Eating out: Mercedes Me Hong Kong

So, I have been travelling a whole lot for work this year and grateful for the opportunities to be out of Macau. But that also meant I haven’t had time to do my Hong Kong sanity runs – since there was less need to be scrambling out to get on the ferry. Thankfully I always have good food friends to rely on for the best new (and not so new) spots in town so I don’t waste any time or calories.

So, Mercedes Me right smack on Queens Road Central (the HMV building) serves up great modern style tapas. I wasn’t fancying a meal by an automobile company, but I was familiar with chef Edgar’s food and I was in the good hands of V who would never waste time or calories on bad food.

FullSizeRender 12

So, was it worth going to an automobile namesake restaurant? Yes with a Catalan chef at the helm, order the Fideua – a noodle paella style, only available on the dinner menu though.

Home made burrata and a side of tomato dressing

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Lamb chops! Another V favourite, delish.

And the Spanish version of the French croque monsieur sandwich called the bikini sandwich named after a popular club in Barcelona that first started serving the sandwiches. Well, the club still exists, haven’t been so no thoughts on that.

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Cotton candy foie gras, which was a pleasant surprise with nori shredded on top – an interesting mix of flavours and textures.FullSizeRender 28

crema catalana mercedes me hong kong

The price tag however was a little steep for lunch. With a glass of wine, two bottles of antipodes water and a crema catalana dessert on the chef, we still paid a little over 600HKD each, excluding tips.

I had the impression they’d also have a retail arm, but they don’t, just food – simple and good,  the interiors tastefully done, service is friendly and a pretty low key intimate ambience. I would even recommend it as a date night option.

Mercedes Me Hong Kong

Shop C & D, Ground floor, Entertainment Building,
30 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
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