Eating out: Teakha Hong Kong II

teakha II hong kong

So, I’ve been a teakha fan for a while, I think since the time I used to live in Hong Kong, but most weekends were spent running like a lunatic to the ferry terminal to get on a ferry to Macau, so I never had the luxury to really enjoy time for tea. So pleased to visit their second shop in Tai Ping Shan Street further west of Sheung Wan and their first shop, a healthy walking distance from my old apartment. Props to them on the tasteful decor and festive vibe.


I never used to be adventurous with tea flavours in cakes and chiffon, while I still can’t stomach earl gray in chiffon, their matcha chiffon and hojicha cheese cake are pretty good. I used to only order the scones over masala chai but was encouraged to venture out of of my comfort zone.

hojicha cheese cake hong kong teakha II
matcha chiffon

Well, it’s a cute little spot for a tete à tete if you’re looking forward to catch up with a friend in Hong Kong and venture out to try all those unfamiliar flavours. They seem to hit the spot.

Teakha II

18 Tai Ping Shan St, Hong Kong

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