My Top 3 Hong Kong Florists

In a city like Hong Kong, there are plenty of options to get beautiful blooms for all occasions. But being last minute and sending them from some place else in the world can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve sent a couple of bouquets to friends in Hong Kong while I was back in Singapore.


I’m more into plants than flowers, but have recently learnt to better appreciate the gift of flowers and the creativity that brings it all together.


  1. anotstudio they are nice and friendly and super responsive over whatsapp and also did a really last minute custom bouquet in a couple of hours and hand delivered it. They always send the final results before the delivery guy goes on his way – they even allow minimal room for adjustments before it takes off. The only florist I found that would work so efficiently at the last minute. There’s a 100HKD delivery fee charge across HK island.
  2. Ellerman A friend recommended them for my wedding, but the attitude was so nonchalant and ambivalent. I didn’t bother making a second appointment with wedding planning, but they do beautiful bouquets.
  3. Flannel Flowers I was more taken by their website and all the beautiful videos, and what I love is that they work with all sorts of exotic plants too and you are in for a surprise with what you’re going to get with the bespoke bouquet brief. There are different delivery fees for sundays and public holidays.

These are tried and tested florists for all occasions that I’ve used and would recommend. Anot Studio is still my favourite.

For more options, Sassy Hong Kong has a full list.


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