Photography Project #29-#35


Slightly late on this one, had friends visiting and working on a few projects lately, including sewing, which takes up alot of my mindful meditation time in full focus.

Some days, I also struggle to find something to photography everyday, which forces me to look deeper and harder to find beauty in everything and every day life… and things that spark joy.

Above: Love this little Smudge look alike in the neighbourhood juxtaposed against the playground.


Always a soft spot for sweet and sour pork. Hong Kong versions are always more vinegary than I remember of the Singapore versions.


Yumcha Hong Kong style at the institution Lin Heung teahouse. I wanted to spotlight the kettle but somehow the people’s faces got in focused instead, which doesn’t look too bad apart from the old man’s face being cut off!


Finding beauty in everyday life – like this little sparrow!


Amazing Fukuoka squid, courtesy of my husband. Michelin fine dining.


Weekend homebaked Comte cheese scones.IMG_3068

Visit from my friend Olive, soft focus, but wished it was in sharper focus. Trying to act more quickly rather than mull for ages over aperture and shutter speed!

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