Photography project #64-#70


Tried to capture the reflection of magic hour glow on the ICC building, but lacking mastery, turned out as a golden blob.


Took this photo in pretty poorly lit conditions with the 50mm lens, and rested the camera on the floor to keep really still. Love this photo of Smudge and didn’t want to edit or crop out the overexposed bit of the floor. This was without flash and my aperture was wide open.IMG_3388

The rain clouds in Singapore chasing parts of buildings.IMG_3425

Spot how many birds there are in this photo? 3. I took this from the top of the tram in Happy Valley.IMG_3433

My favourite thing is the golden hour light streaming into the apartment and casting shadows. The photo doesn’t do it justice.IMG_3438

The other morning I looked out the window and this made me laugh so hard. The same giant teddy bear is still sitting there.IMG_3429

I grew up on Hong Kong films and often times, cemeteries were the backdrop and set for plenty of scenes (especially the 1990s triad movies). In land scarce Hong Kong and the hilly terrain, even cemeteries are built in tiers. Right across this catholic cemetery is a Parsee cemetery, the tombstones vary quite vastly.

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