Photography Project #86-#93 : Capturing Life A Day At A Time

I have fallen behind a photo a day, but ever grateful for the opportunities to keep discovering and keep travelling and capturing life a day at a time with this photography project.

Given my shoulder chronic pain, I have also not been lugging my DSLR out everyday. Actually somedays, I don’t leave the house. That needs to change and I have to get back into some semblance of routine.

Just got back from an amazing trip to Stockholm for Design week. I walked at least 10km-18km a day, there’s plenty to see and do, or just not do anything at all and take in the cold, crisp fresh air, nature and silence.


Walking en route to the Modern Museum on Sodermalm island.IMG_4433

So cold, but so happy animals. Sleeping on blocks of ice.IMG_4421

Colourful houses always get me.IMG_4430

Right outside the Medieval museum, little fishing boats moored along the isle.IMG_4527

Took a winter boat tour, which was uneventful (had a boring guide), but still some beautiful sights to behold.IMG_4556

Birdhouses in the park, everywhere.IMG_4625

Bought some Chrysanthemums, Chinese New Year blooms. There’s been differing views that the flowers are meant for graves, and wasn’t sure about whether it was auspicious to get them for the New year. However,  I decided against myths and superstition – love the shades of colour like a watercolour painting.

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