Joy Of Snowga: Everyone Should Try Meditative Yoga In The Snow

January feels like a lifetime ago. Covid-19 has skewed our concept of time and space as we’re all living in this surreal film staying home with an epidemic unfolding in the world. For now, we can armchair travel from the safety and comfort of our living rooms and dream of all the places we’ll visit when all this is over.

What Is Snowga?

Here’s a post reminiscing better days and our last vacation in Europe. I tried Snowga in Megeve. Read all about it on Healthy HKG. Snowga is a new term I learnt about practising yoga in the snow. It is a way of combining the benefits of yoga with the beauty and serenity of the quiet winter landscape.

It was so calm and quiet for some mediation outside with the glorious morning sun and watching individuals coming down the slopes. While I’m not a yoga expert or veteran, doing the yoga poses in the snow with the added challenge of keeping one’s balance on the uneven surface and the crisp cold. It was pretty fun and invigorating experience and a wonderful way to connect with nature while getting some stretches in and cycles of sun salutations.

Snowga: Yoga Poses In The Snow

Four Seasons Megeve offers Yoga in the snow. It is a stunning hotel and has a wonderful spa programme in addition to its pristine powdery slopes.


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