Digital Art Fair Asia 2021 – Hong Kong

I was really lucky to get VIP tickets from a friend to the preview of Digital Art Fair Asia 2021 – the debut in Hong Kong and a personal tour from James Neary himself, the co-founder of the fair.

Turkish American artist Refik Anadol’s genius masterpieces headlined the show. I was first acquainted with his works at the Macao Arts Biennale 2019 that I covered for Travel+ Leisure Southeast Asia, and absolutely loved what he was doing, visualising real time data and capturing them in a mersmerising way.

I’m still trying to navigate this new world of the metaverse and NFTs, attending the fair was enlightening and truly entertaining, and needless to say the baby had a lot of fun in the trippy matrix mirror room.

I miss writing about art and was just revisiting reviews I used to do for Art Krush which feels like a lifetime ago. It was exciting times living in Beijing pre-Olympics and getting to the latest shows of Contemporary Chinese Artists.

Some old reviews for Art Krush: Zeng Fanzhi, Shi Guo Rui, Kim Sooja

Much has changed over the years and on my last trip to Beijing in 2019, the art district 798 has completely turned into a gentrified spot with plenty of instagram posts opportunities, sadly.

I’m not sure if I would ever invest in the world of NFTs, and am going to wait and see how this exciting metaverse evolves — the world my child will grow up in and a place I may not completely understand. I’ll try, nonetheless.

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