Hong Kong Yumcha: One Harbour Road Dimsum Grand Hyatt

One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt is our regular haunt. We’re here at least twice a month for yumcha and it’s what the toddler looks forward to every week. A fantastic spot for dimsum and definitely one to add to the list for a Hong Kong Yumcha experience.

For those coming for events and conferences at the exhibition centre, it’s right next door for a quick and tasty lunch option.

The crispy chicken with fresh lemon juice and salt is a must-try, and book in advance for their delicious Peking duck – the Beijing Hyatt is one of our favourite spots of the capital’s best Peking duck and I’m sure the Chinese master chefs exchange notes often.

The wok fried beef noodles, xiaolongbao, and hot sour soup are also on our regular to-order list.

I’m surprised it doesn’t have a Michelin star even though it’s on the Guide’s radar. I know it does huge volume, but the quality is consistent and the food excellent. Wonderful harbour views and plenty of vehicles for the toddler to watch. We like getting seated in the corner just above the tour bus parking.

We also got to witness the towing away of the giant inflatable ducky the last time.

It’s super child-friendly – high chairs, colour books, colour pencils, when it’s Christmas they give out plush toys, last year it was unicorns but the toddler declined. Over Chinese New Year, they also do lion dances both in the lobby and in the restaurant too!

We order the classics – hargau, siew mai, cheong fun. What they do excellent here is the cripsy chicken served with condiments of fresh lemon juice and salt. Peking duck requires advance booking, and it’s absolutely worth it.

Highly recommend ordering also the wok fried beef noodles, xiaolongbao (I know it’s Shanghainese, but this Cantonese institution serves a tasty XLB). I also love the hot sour soup, it’s served individually, few friends have agreed it’s delightfully good – nothing better to clear up nasal congestion if you’re feeling under the weather.

Pièce de resistance of any good Cantonese restaurant is the steam fish!

If you haven’t already tried One Harbour Road, you should get your reservations in. We also really like the café downstairs – Hainanese chicken rice, fish noodle soup and the sweet and sour pork for the win!

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