Madagascar Hong Kong Musical: Fun For The School Holidays

julien the lemur madagascar musical move it move it

The toddler absolutely loved The Tiger who Came to Tea by Aba Productions, so I’ve decided that we’ll go see as many shows and productions as we can and figure out what exactly he likes, and doesn’t like (I know, I check my privilege often). It’s a gamble as tickets don’t come cheap, but I love the theatre and I’d love to share the joy of performing arts with him.

For this show, Aba productions kindly offered us complimentary tickets, which I didn’t expect.

Madagascar musical mania

I watched the movie many moons ago and couldn’t remember much of it. The Tony Award-winning Madagascar Musical was energetic, full of song and dance, with a very talented crew – powerful broadway show voices. I was skeptical about kids sitting down for 1h40min show, including a 20mins interval, but I think the dynamic pace and momentum managed to keep the children’s attention. Today’s 11am matinee started an hour late, and I was worried it’d mess with lunch time, but the toddler was fully absorbed in the plot “where are the animals?”

We talked about the show tonight and his favourite was the Giraffe Melman, and we discussed friendships, adventure, and being brave about exploring the unknown. I personally loved King Lemur Julien best, along with the irreverent penguins. He was hilarious and whimsical, along with brilliant movement and dancing on his knees.

I think the kids will love the show and highly recommend it. Especially toddlers. My son is 3.

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No photos or videos are allowed during the performance, so have to make do with these press images. Very grateful for the comp’ed tickets.

I try to support the arts and artists as much as I can as it’s a tough industry. Everyone is working hard to run a business. I don’t know how long the influencer economy of freebies will last, but I truly believe it’s important to value the work/service of others and to pay for it if you can afford to. And if you can’t, I’m sure there are respectful and valuable ways to barter while respecting the craft/time of others.

The Madagascar Hong Kong Musical is a great choice for a fun-filled school holiday activity. Highly recommended for kids, including toddlers. Don’t miss the chance to save 20% by booking now using the promo code MAD20 here.

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