TCM To The Rescue: Master Ruth Lee is Hong Kong’s Answer to Traditional Chinese Medicine


I’ve been seeing Master Ruth Lee for accupuncture and other treatments since 2017 when I moved back to Hong Kong after a year of intense cancer treatment in Singapore. I was suffering from all sorts of pain, insomnia, hot flushes and chemo-induced menopause. I also had sporadic outbreaks of very bad menopausal acne, and she treated me with so much loving kindness along with medical advice.

Master Ruth Lee is a prominent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner in Hong Kong. She’s best known for her expertise in fertility treatments and hormones management (menopause, acne etc). You’ll find her on many of Hong Kong’s women’s health panels discussing women’s health care as well as fertility support for many of her patients going through IVF treatments.

Electric accupuncture

For new mums who don’t have a confinement nanny, Master Ruth’s confinement bundle of soups are nourishing and nutritious and an alternative to hiring and managing an additional person in the household.

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