Black and White Truffle Surprise


This dessert wins hands down in every possible category. A winning entry for the dessert category at the Intercontinental Group cooking competition, Beijinger executive chef Bill Wang came up with this ingenious creation that I’d highly recommend for wedding proposals.

IMG_9751 IMG_9752

A luscious thick and beautful chocolate truffle cake is revealed beneath the white dinosaur egg exterior – white chocolate that melts and perfectly physically manifests the chinese metaphor of a flower blossoming (开花). Truly a surprise, indeed.

I predict it’s going to be a hit on this year’s Valentine’s day.

It is interesting to note that most foreign pastry chefs that work in Beijing mentions that they use up to 40% less sugar to cater to the taste buds of the local Chinese market. With a local Beijinger at the helm of the kitchen, it seems it isn’t really the case. I’ve been told the Chinese go for the fruit tarts and cakes more so than decadent chocolate or cheese cakes. I have to admit though that I was disappointed by the modified version of the hotel’s famous (and possibly tallest) cheesecake. This lemon cheesecake is made blockier and more sturdy, which takes out half of the fun. The old version of the cheesecake made you feel like you were having tea with the BFG.

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