Chinese New Year in Beijing


This is the second Chinese New Year I’ve spent away from home and all the wonderful goodies like pineapple tarts and my mother’s special pumpkin cakes. 3 years ago, I was living in Treviso where there was little to remind me of the lunar new year. IMG_9784 IMG_9785

This year, my Chinese friend invited me to his house to make dumplings and we had a fusion dinner of Singaporean steamboat meets its northern cousin, Chinese hotpot. For the first time, I also learnt how to make dumplings (jiaozi) which are completely different from the Southern equivalent of wantons that I grew up folding and cooking. The later has a thinner yellow skin made of egg and flour.


Chinese New Year in Beijing from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.

Beijing Fireworks Central from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.


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