Aman Summer Palace Beijing

I have a soft spot for dessert. Here in Beijing, Comptoire de France does such a fantastic job of creating beautiful pastries and cakes that look like costume jewellery and taste exactly like that sort of comfort food everyone needs on a bad day.


A friend ordered this stunning tea time snack the other day. I forgot my table manners as I picked triumphantly at this rich and creamy masterpiece, without caring to ask what it was called. It sure tasted like a Tiramisu variable. I’d recommend having the bakery’s chocolate truffle cake and chocolate delice with a hot cuppa. IMG_9823 IMG_9829 IMG_9848Over the Chinese New Year holidays, I went on a journey to the Summer Palace and stopped by the fabled Aman Resort, just north of the east gate of the Summer palace. The former royal guest lodge was transformed into a large luxurious home for their guests. This boutique hotel boasts 51 rooms with magnificient views of the Summer Palace.

Service was impeccable as was the interiors – they definitely overshadowed the food. We had the afternoon tea set that came with 3 tiny servings of burger and sandwich and some macaroons which were average at best. My favourite part of it was the pastry basket of freshly baked scones and madeleines. Thinking of the green tea madeleines makes my mouth water.

My friend went for the ground beef burger whose buns sandwiched meat that definitely belonged to a happy cow. It was a smart move to go easy on the salt as the bacon made the burger taste just right.

Aman Resort by the Summer Palace swimming pool

After an indulgent afternoon tea, their kind gesture to take us on a tour seemed almost cruel when they brought us to the charming poolside built underground which subtly reminded us of our calorie count.

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