Chinese Breakfasts: Jian Bing Yum

I’ve been very fortunate to grow up in Singapore, the melting pot of wonderful cuisine with influences from Chinese to Malay and Indian. I’ve always loved my savory breakfasts that are a meal in itself.

Here in Beijing, I occasionally pick up a Chinese crêpe (煎饼 literally translated as fried biscuit) on my way to work. There is a vendor with his mobile cart making these crepes with eggs, chili, chives, spring onions, corriander and a crispy biscuit that he cracks and folds into this little creation. I eat them often because they cheer up me on miserable winter mornings as I make my way work. The soft texture of the crepe contrasts well with the crunchy bits of the deep fried biscuit all wrapped lovingly with the skin and its coating of scrambled egg. YUM.

They also always come served in thin little plastic bags so you could eat them on the go rather conveniently. (I know it’s not good for the environment)



Alternatively, there are these Chinese-style hamburgers (中试汉堡) that a lady vendor makes right at the doorstep of my apartment complex. She’s starts her day as early as 530am and I never see her after 930am.

Essentially an egg mcmuffin, this is a fraction of the price of Mac’s at 3RMB (30 cents euro) and I dare say taste much better. An egg (done however you request), lettuce, some savory sweet brown sauce and thin slices of marinated chicken are sandwiched between the flour buns. They are again, served in thin little plastic bags.


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