Beijing bites: South Beauty


This place is a favourite amongst locals and veteran expats. I was however disappointed to say the least—like a mouse caught in a mouse trap only to find out there was no cheese. Granted, the ambience great and decor beautiful, but the whole theatre of dining spoke louder than the dishes themselves. For that price point, I could name you five other good Chinese restaurants here in Beijing that serve better food, in a less lush environment for a fraction of the price. A meal for two cost RMB250. I was there for dinner, not the theatre of it.


The portions of this tofu was generous and I really enjoyed the bed of beans under the tofu, but the texture and taste was average at best. Neither was I impressed with the simple vegetable stir fry. Our chicken with chilies dish was, however rather generous with the chicken (and the chilies). Maybe I’m just prejudiced, My mother’s cooking is the benchmark of a good stir fry.


This place redeems itself with its decent service and not overdosing on the ubiquitous MSG taste in its dishes.


South Beauty (with several other branches in the city)
L220, 2/F, West Wing of China World Trade Center, 1 Jianguomen Waidajie,CBD/Guomao建国门外大街1号国贸西楼2层L220
Tel: 6505-0809

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