Beijing Private Kitchen 44

We laid down our chopsticks with regret. The steaming pot of spicy sour soup was just about half eaten and we’d already had our fill. My fellow Singaporean friend and I were here on a cold winter night digging into authentic Guizhou flavors. Private Kitchen 44 is a quiet little spot in a hutong, a lovely courtyard restaurant with endearingly slow service, but serves up a mean pot of spicy sour fish soup. I am almost sure that my Thai friend, Prima can vouch for the intensity of the flavours.

Although the dishes took a while to arrive and the rice came at least 15 minutes after we’ve started digging into all the savory dishes, we forgave them after hearing how they were manually steaming the grains over the coal fire. The rich meal and friendly waiter keeps even the bad tempered at bay.

This hearty pot of soup is filled with a tomato based sauce, chili oil, spices, gangalal I suspect and generous amounts of coriander. We ladled huge spoonfuls of luscious, tender juicy catfish chunks drenched in spicy tart sauce to go with our fluffy bowl of steaming white rice.


Another less eventful dish was the chili prawns that was—as you can see more chilies than prawns, bathed in oil. Typical of Northern Chinese cuisine—let’s a run a chili oil bath for these dishes, shall we? Not very impressive at all.In any case, I’d definitely be back for the (酸汤鱼) spicy sour fish soup, if only really, just for that thick pot of hearty soup.

Private Kitchen 44
44 Xiguan Hutong,Gulou head north from Zhangzizhong metro, left into Sishisi tiao hutong. Beijing
细管胡同44号北新桥南,平安大街北段东四北大街西侧,北京五中往西,路南 Tel: 6400-1280

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