Taste of Macau

I’m not exactly sure how to define Macanese cuisine, but the menu at this restaurant is more Hong Kong style than what I associate with Macau food—a blend of Indian, Portuguese and Chinese flavours and cooking techniques.


Anyhow, this place serves up fantastic Portuguese egg tarts and crispy skin roast goose exactly like those you find on the streets in HK. My Hong Kongese friend gave it 75/100 marks, which is a pretty good score for this fussy eater. The charsiewsou (pastry stuffed with char shao pork) was a complete disappointment. The pastry was soft and drenched in buttery grease, its filling minced so fine, it took the whole satisfaction out of eating it.


The roast pork dipped in mustard and a sprinkling of sugar had the mandatory crispy layer of skin that gave a satisfactory crunch upon first bite. I’d give it points for not being too fatty or greasy despite the chunky white layer of fat you see in the photo.


The steamed chicken feet made its way to our table in a bamboo basket and my friends went all barbaric with this ‘delicacy’. They gave it a poor rating for flavor, but a passable mark for it’s texture and presentation. “The colour of the seasoning is right.” said Prof D (featured below with some chicken toenails). Ewwww

Macau Street
65 Dongsanhuan zhonglu, fuliguangchang 3/F, unit 330. CBD/Guomao. Beijing 朝阳区东三环中路65号福力广场3层330号
Tel: 5903-7330

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