Best Tempura in Beijing?

For the last crispy fritters piece I did, I spent a week and a half eating tempura throughout the city. While you’d agree eating them in moderation is nice, after the week and a half, I felt like a needed a detox.

So here were the top three I found worthy, and Seijo the restaurant I previously reviewed also did pretty decent ones.


1. Housed in the St Regis hotel, Shunsai does a good tempura set (¥120) that comes with a variety of seafood and vegetable fritters, as well as miso soup and rice. The prawns are crunchy and sweet, dripping with the savory goodness of the tentsuyu broth. Order a la carte from an exciting array of tempura from sweet shrimp (¥40) to a range of vegetables like lotus root, sweet potatoes and onions (¥20).

21 Jianguomen Waidajie St.Regis Hotel, Jianguomen 建国门外大街21号 北京国际俱乐部饭店 Tel: 6460-6688 ext. 2372

2. A favourite amongst expats and mostly known for their rolls, I also found excellent tempura here. The assorted tempura (¥62) includes a wonderful basket of fritters, filled with bell peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, prawns and fish that seduce at first bite. They come piping hot and give an amazingly crispy crunch. Choose to have them plain or lather them liberally with the tentsuyu broth. Alternatively, I’d recommend the una-ten roll (¥50) which is an unagi roll with a prawn tempura tucked neatly inside. Start your textured journey through tender eel and crackling seaweed before getting to the crux.

Find it: 2F, Heqiao Building, Bldg C, A8 Guanghua Donglu,CBD/Guomao光华东路甲8号和乔大厦C座2层 Tel: 6581-3939

3. Tempura comes prepared in different styles here at Redmoon. Chef Alan Wang aims for an experience that combines different layers. His tempura is salty and crispy on the outside, revealing the sweet flavors of its contents gradually. We’d recommend ordering the tempura moriawase platter (¥188) which gives you the chef’s freshest selection of the day. Run your fritters along the line of Himalayan salt that comes with the platter, before dipping it into the tentsuyu broth. It’ll leave sweet and savory flavors lingering in your mouth. The prawn fritter crackles in your mouth with each bite, just like that dream you had about sweet popcorn of the sea.

Redmoon. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchangan Dajie,Wangfujing 东长安街1号北京东方君悦大酒店1层 Tel: 8518-1234 ext. 6366

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