Taka Kura Beijing Super Sushi Bar



This classy sushi bar flies in its fish from Japan three times a week and serves its lobster (¥180) live—head literally writhing as you dive your chopsticks into the translucent and tender meat. The head is later taken back into the kitchen to make lobster miso soup (¥60 for two). While we dealt with our karmic guilt of eating straight off the body of a live crustacean, our assorted sushi platter (¥150 for 10 pieces) of melt-in-your mouth slices of salmon, tuna, sea urchin, red snapper, mackerel and yellowtail arrived. For an interesting twist, try the hot sushi, where the chef runs a flame across the sushi with a fire gun. Our large bowl of steam egg custard with seafood (RMB65) came with an immaculate texture and was deliciously rich. Apart from the assorted tempura (¥68) which was overdone and a little soggy, the meal exceeded all our expectations. Try their set menus (¥280-380) if you can’t decide and definitely indulge in their premium quality ichi nokura sake (¥480).

Taka Kura
B110 Kunlun Hui, 2A Xinyuan Nanlu, Beijing Chaoyang District,Sanyuanqiao 朝阳区新源南路甲2号昆仑汇B110,三元桥 Tel: 6593-9435

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