Cantonese Crowne


My friends and I went to check out this new Cantonese restaurant a while ago—the same restaurant that serves crocodile meat in a post I made earlier. The menu here is as thick as a book and filled with very fancy items from assorted birds nests to turtles and shark’s fin. We ordered on a whim some fried tofu, which was reminiscent of Singaporean fish cakes stuffed with mashed tofu. It was fried golden brown and deliciously crunchy.

And then we tucked into beautiful garlicky pork ribs which was tasty but not particularly impressive.

Our trio of desserts was a plate of mango pudding, “papaya whiskers” (木瓜苏) and my favorite little glutinous ball coated with cereal, filled with custard and melted butter (金沙捞起丸—a direct loose translation as is—picking up the pill from the golden sands which I’m sure had literary or poetic references I need to find out about).


Anyhow, this wonderful glutinous ball is an explosion of flavours and textures—simultaneously sweet and savory, mixed with the chewy texture of the glutinous flour and crisp cereal flakes. It’s definitely a mandatory order in any authentic Cantonese restaurant, particularly if you’re in Hong Kong.

Sun Palace
Crowne Plaza Hotel No. 12 Qisheng Middle Street, North-East 3rd Ring Road, Yunnan Dasha,Chaoyang 北京新云南皇冠假日酒店, 东北三环七圣中街12号云南大厦 Tel: 6429-8888 ext. 6332

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