Eating out: Tofu at Beijing Izakaya

While most diners come to this little cozy eatery for beef, I come here for their agedashi tofu. This fried tofu dish (¥28) comes in a trio and is twice as large as the tofu cubes served in any other Japanese restaurant I’ve been to. The humble, silky tofu cubes are dusted with cornstarch and then deep fried to a crisp golden brown. It sits in a hot shallow bath of tentsuyu broth (sauce you dip your tempura in) topped with a dash of finely chopped spring onions, crowned with grated daikon radish. This spot is off the beaten path and a favorite with Japanese expats and locals. With decent service and great ambience, this restaurant is definitely worth the visit.


izakaya beijing


Izakaya. 4 Gongti Bei Lu, Sanlitun Beijing. Opposite Rock and Roll Club 工体北路4号机电院股份公司院内滚石迪厅对面
Tel: 6585-3570

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