Nothing Beats Freshly Grated Wasabi

I was thrilled to find the root freshly grated at Redmoon restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Beijing and was certain that it would not come at a small price. The roots are grated with a special wooden board lined with shark’s skin. The spiky rough texture of the shark’s skin churns out a wet paste that they serve fresh.

The menu was surprisingly reasonably priced and affordable. I recommended their tempura in a recent feature for the rag, but their sushi also deserves a mention. They fly in their seafood daily and do moriawase platters—it’s always a surprise given the chef’s freshest selection of the day.

Ask for chef Alan Wang who always has surprises up his sleeves—it’d definitely add to your dining experience.


While people go to the Grand Hyatt for Made in China for their Peking duck, I’d recommend giving this little Japanese gem a try.

Redmoon, Grand Hyatt Beijing
1/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchangan Dajie,
Wangfujing 东长安街1号北京东方君悦大酒店1层 Tel: 8518-1234 ext. 6366

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