International Food Warehouse


This lovely dining spot in CBD has a reasonably priced menu spanning from dandan mian to burgers and Southeast Asian favorites. The bustling atmosphere is good for a quick bite and the service is friendly. We were reminded of Marché—the Swiss concept of different stations serving up a range of dishes. The difference here is that the waitstaff serves the food piping hot to your table.



The chicken rice set (¥48) was a perfect pairing of tender, smooth chicken with a fragrant bowl of rice. This dish would certainly please any homesick Singaporean. The grains, though a little hard, were delicious. It’s no wonder as the executive sous chef behind the culinary direction is Singaporean.

We recommend passing on the salad nicoise (¥48) and diving straight into the grilled snapper (¥80) or rotisserie chicken (¥60). Both come with sides of coleslaw and crispy potato wedges. We wrapped up with an ice kachang (¥25), a refreshing dish of syrup, evaporated milk and fruit garnish on shaved ice, perfect for the summer. Our only gripe is that there are several different menus for the week and weekends, making it difficult to order your favorites every time you visit.

International Food Warehouse Beijing. Park Life, Beijing Yintai Center (Basement of Park Hyatt) CBD/Guomao, 北京银太中心地下一层 Tel: 8567-1568

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