Pizza Perfect

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place since I last reviewed it more than a month ago. I haven’t had a chance to make another visit, but I hope they’ve kept up the standards!


Tucked in a secluded spot in the mega Solana complex, this Italian pizzeria brings a taste of Naples to Beijing. We started with a spritz Campari (¥45), a Venetian concoction of white wine, soda and Campari—don’t order this if you don’t like tangy bitter drinks. Our salad (Insalata ¥68) was a tantalizing mix of rucola, carrots, sweet corn, buffalo mozzarella and tuna that was immensely pleasing. The 12-inch pizza Margherita (¥48) was simplicity at its best—worthy of a Proustian flashback to languid summer holidays in Naples. The 12-inch salsiccia piccante pizza (¥78), lined with spicy sausage, champignon, mozzarella and capsicums is definitely worth a go. They make pizzas in three sizes: 12-inch, half meter and meter large. The owner, Gennaro, who heads up the international Naples Pizza Chefs Association, stresses that “a good pizza should always fill you up, but leave you feeling light.”

La Pizza
Building No.3, 1st floor, SA-48, SOLANA Commercial Center, No. 6 Chaoyang Park Road,蓝色港湾国际商区, 朝阳公园路6号朝阳公园西北岸边, Tel: 5905-6106

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