Solid Hokkien Food


Bee Hiang Restaurant is known to be one of the best hokkien restaurants in Singapore. I went to Amoy Street to catch up with some ex colleagues and we ordered a feast of veritable Singaporean food. I never found the legendary hokkien mee in Fujian province, just like how I’ve been told you can’t find Hainanese chicken rice on Hainan island.

We had the ngiau hiang (5 spices pork stuffing roll), hokkien mee (wet), ouluak (fried oysters and egg, done the dry way) and kong ba pau (braised pork belly stuffed into steaming pillowy buns marked with a red spot.) I don’t really have the words to describe how wonderful it was to be home, bathing in the hearty flavours of every dish and sweating like a pig in the humidity.

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Bee Hiang Restuarant
112 Amoy Street, Singapore 69932

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