China Club Beijing

The China Club is an exclusive recreational club for the elite who are given memberships by invitation only (or so I was told).

Duncan, a fellow foodie and member of the prestigious club took me there for lunch one day and it was a very pleasant experience. The food was good, but not mind-blowing. I suppose the charming courtyard ambience and service makes up for it, making it a wonderful playground for the rich and famous.

Delicious garlic prawns


This dish is very popular with foreigners. I always forget the name of this dish, but I recall it being somewhat backtranslated as the mandarin fish that exploded in sweet and sour sauce—which is really funny because it does look like it exploded. The flesh is sliced into cubes (reminds me of how I eat mangoes)


The smoked duck was something special, although I’m not sure if I liked it. The crisp lean meat taste of the fruit trees whose wood it was smoked with. They also serve it with fluffy buns shaped like seashells.



Love this feng shui device inspire d by olden day games. Apparently people would stand at different positions of this and there would be something floating down the stream of water, wherever it stopped, the person would have to do a forfeit. When entering, the shape looks like a tiger, but when inverted from the other side, it’s a lotus flower. A simple concept of tiger guarding the entrance and peace and harmony within the home.


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